Access to shotgrid client review site issues

We have a client review playlist that one of our clients and one of our production team are not able to access, they get an error “there is an issue displaying this media”
Other users are able to view it fine, and the user and the client with issues have been able to view other playlists.


Is there anything that could be caused by permissions to view media or view those versions?

Recently we had similar problem. After years of use our main client suddenly wasn’t able to open playlist and he told us he was asked to register his email in Autodesk. Really frustrating to force clients do that.

So our client registered his email in Autodesk but still could not open the playlists after that. As we were in hurry by delivery schedules the only option for us was to remove security/login requests in SG reviewing settings making anyone with the link to be able to view it.

Also we are not supposed to administer client’s computers so to fix the problem if it’s a cookie related or internet cache related.

Hi Ricardo,

There was no permisisons issues, we recreated the playlist again and it all worked fine, though it is not the first time this issue has appeared

Hi Niki,

This sounds like the issue we’re experiencing alright!
I will keep it in mind, tho recreating the playlist did fix it this time around.


We tried with new playlist but didn’t work out.

Best to create a support case so they can look into the logs, maybe some database issue.