Daily Expired Licenses

Hey Folks,

Since the account migration, when resuming work in the morning and interacting with a page I had left open in my browser, I’m met with this error:

E.g. I’m on an Asset page and click the Filter button and the above appears. I have to fully reload the page to resolve. Is this just something we have to get used to under the new licensing model?

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Seems like a bug, I would make a support ticket as well.

Speaking of, the support email seems to be somewhat hidden these days as if we are not meant to use it anymore.

And the help menu tells you to use the user community which comes across as a lack of interest IMO (“talk to your peers, we can’t be bothered”).
Or am I missing something again (wouldn’t be surprising)?

Go to:


login with an admin account, click on the ? in the lower right corner --> Post Purchase support --> help using my Software

Ah, thanks. Fair enough I guess, though it would be nice to have that back in SG for directly (at least for admins).

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Just got it in RV ion the middle of a review session. Super frustrating.
Are the SG folks actually still part of this forum? They seem to have stopped participating (at least in the threads I have been part of in the lst few months)

Is anyone working to resolve this? All support will tell me is that this is a “known issue.”


Hi @brandon.foster

It is a known issue and we are working on it. The current workaround is to refresh the page.

Though if you can share additional details as to the timing of the occurrences or if you see any specific pattern.


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Thanks, Patrick! Good to know it’s being worked on. I typically see this around first thing in the morning when I begin my day (08:00-08:30 EST) for any SG tabs which were left open overnight.

Hello Patrick!

Glad to know that this is getting looked into.

150+ users have been experiencing the same issues for a couple weeks already here at Folks VFX. The issues happen to be at the same time of some of our dailies (around 10-11AM EST). This makes reviews extremely tedious for our supervisors and the artists. I have a ticket opened with Autodesk since a couple weeks and it appears that they are not aware of this issue (or that it is a known one at least).

Are you planning on rolling out a fix in the near future? Or do you have any workaround other than refreshing the page? (which is not viable for dailies)

We appreciate the help! Thank you!

Hi @brandon.foster @Vincent

Thanks for confirming the timing. At least it aligns with our own observations : it happens at the beginning of the day, not randomly during the day.

Just to give you a background: when a licensed is issued to a user, it is initially good for 24 hours.

As long as there is interaction with the application, the license will be renewed if needed.

The problem is with an idle session. It is undesirable that a license be renewed when the application is idle. Depending on your license model, it would end up charging for an idle session.

For example, leaving the tab opened on Friday when leaving work, then it would look (to the licensing side) that the product was used during the weekend. Giving back bad stats and overcharging.

We’re working on a graceful way to handle this. Things get easily more complicated if you consider multiple tabs being opened.

@Vincent could you please clarify why refreshing the page is not an acceptable workaround ?



hi @patrick-hubert-adsk,

I work with Vincent at Folks VFX. When I get these kinds of errors, I would have been working for an hour or two at least. It usually happens at 10:15 EST every day, during dailies.

Refreshing is a frustrating workaround because I might have been annotating a version and giving notes for a minute or two and refreshing will lose all my annotations. Also, it usually happens more than once. I would get these errors on any page I load or reload for a few minutes, then it gets back to normal.

It happens at other times of the day, but I will get it for sure at 10:15 EST, right during dailies.


Thanks for the detailed breakdown, Patrick. At least speaking from a producers perspective, we keep lots of tabs to different SG pages open all the time.

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Agreed, I can’t use ShotGrid without having multiple tabs open, it’s UX is just not modern enough for single tab use.

As Patrick mentioned, the license lasts 24 hours after it was granted (typically when you log in, or renew it), and would renew following a recognized user action (which at this time is only a page load) at or after expiration time.

Until we release the upcoming user experience to accommodate this, I can give a few tips to keep the data on your page intact as a workaround for now:

  • When the error occurs:
    • Open a new tab on the site, or
    • Refresh another non-critical tab that stayed on the site

This will keep the data on the working tab and be able to have it perform its operation.

On the multi-tab side of things : I was not advocating to use a single tab :slight_smile:

I myself will have multiple tabs opened on a site when working on it, and I am not even a real user…

Whatever we come up as a solution will need to be graceful in a multi-tab context… adding a layer to the complexity.



One of the recent release introduced the idleness banner and dialog feature.
It aims to be more transparent about this expiration behaviour, and with the possibility of refreshing your session in-place, it hopefully will make this experience better.

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