Ability to flag support tickets as "urgent" depreciated? + crowd-sourced support

Hi there,
Sorry for another generalised rant post… but it’s probably worth this being discussed on the forum so other users are aware.

I raised a support ticket on the new portal with the prefix “URGENT”. This is what we used to do when encountering a studio-wide show-stopper, and it was typically answered in under 10 minutes. Which was INCREDIBLE. It was one of the reasons I was a bit of a SG evangelist; being able to say you got tech support in such a short time in critical situations was a huge selling point for the software.

But, it seems things have changed… I lodged a support ticket on Friday, prefixed “URGENT” and it is now 65hrs later, and I don’t think anyone has even looked at the ticket yet, as it is marked as “Open - unassigned” and I’ve not had a response from anyone(human).

I don’t remember reading that this level of support has been stopped. Did I miss the email ?

What the actual Autodesk is going on?

To add to my misery I did receive an automated email response that cheerfully tells me that my ticket has been forwarded to a 3rd party, outsourced, crowdsourced support portal. Again, what the actual Autodesk?

There’s a few problems with this.

  1. This is an opt-out service. Not opt-in. The email tells me if I want to use this new crowdsourced service, I don’t need to do anything; just wait. Who knows what data I’ve just had sent outside Autodesk without my permission; which is then handed over to outsourced individuals? It’s not specified in the email (eg, I want to see the actual email/ticket that was sent to the 3rd party company). In any-case, having not responded to this email, I have still not received any response from “Directly”, the support company. Nor acknowledgement that they even received a ticket request.

  2. you can’t crowdsource this kind of support. The very people requesting support, are most likely to be the people also looking to earn $ doing ad-hoc support services. It’s going to be a fun day when I get to provide tech support to myself when I submit support tickets to SG.

  3. another reason you can’t do this kind of support is that in most cases, you probably need the support engineer to have access to your site. I can’t see many studios being happy to hand out admin credentials to random people via an outsourcing/crowdsourcing company. It’s a huge security risk.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be interested to hear other users thoughts on these issues. I can’t imagine I’m alone.

Thanks again!


Hi Patrick,

I think the Super Awesome support stopped with the new Autodesk licensing, and the “Urgent” prefix was only for Super Awesome -_-.
I didn’t receive any email about crowdsourced support (yet?), but it seems scary indeed…


Ah yes, I remember reading super-awesome support had ended.
The thing is, I don’t think any of my clients were on super-awesome support, but I always received quick responses with the “urgent” prefix.

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Are you able to share a bit more from the email you received?

I have not heard anything about this nor can I find anything about a “CrowdSourced Support Portal” ?

After clicking on the “opt out here” button, I got redirected to a page at autodesk.directly.com which showed my original support ticket in full, with only my phone number number and email obfuscated.

To me that indicates that we have data being passed on to a third party without it being made explicitly clear to the user (I could have skipped the notification email easily and been totally unaware that anything had been sent).

I can opt out after the fact… which isn’t what I would call secure.

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I think they’re still having trouble with the migration, but I hope the quality gets back to where It was before Shotgrid. I don’t like how the support is working too (taking too long) and the docs are quite confusing right now.

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This matches my experience with habing to wait over 6 hoursfor new seats to be activated after purchasing them.
This, your post and the absence of SG team members on this forum is starting to feel like SG is being EOL-ed.
“Supet Awesome” certainly has ended.
I miss Don…

It seems that the entire SG staff is already enjoying the Christmas holidays or this forum isn’t supposed as official channel for reporting/asking this questions anymore. I’m new in the community but from posts I’ve read here feel that SG had best support times around 2019/2020. In that time the “Street team” answered regularly and promptly here. After ShotGun became ShotGrid most of this talented people here vanished and most of support too(meant from ShotGrid). It was big mistake to let them go. Goodby Philip Scadding, Tannaz, Patrick Boucher, Rob Blau, Manne and others. Luckily there are still experienced users willing to help the others

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Hopefully there will be others filling their places.

Migration of systems always gives issues and uses up a lot of time.

All we can do it so help and stay vocal about changes that negatively impact the experience.

I would recommend evefryone to keep active, keep sending Product Roadmap requests and keep sending tickets and making forum posts.

Silence is never the answer :slight_smile:

And I have seen various threads and support cases where things did eventually get to the right person and where picked up.

(Example, the release notes are being streamlined and posted on the forum by toolkitty, the developer site and autodesk info site are actively being worked on and seem to be getting better over time...)

So lets hope its just temporary and exisiting and new teams will find their way.


Yeah, for the last year :smiley:

I can tell you right now that anything involving crowdsourcing some answer to an MCU/ Disney/ Fox problem being opt-out is going to give someone a very large auditing headache in future, and that should definitely not be the standard for this sort of work.


yeah, that is shocking

Hey wait - you can send a support ticket?
I have no idea where to go anymore since one day https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/ redirected to ShotGrid | Autodesk Knowledge Network and that link doesn’t have anything useful - including my previous tickets.to follow up on, or where to submit new ones. Maybe I missed something…

I did send a ticket by the general support page on the autodesk site.

Shotgrid support seems to still be a big problem, as I have submitted a support ticket 48 hours ago and still no response from anyone. I’m highly unlikely to purchase this software if I can’t get any help getting started using it.

Hey jrab,

To create a new Autodesk Ticket, you need to go there.
The Tickets are then accessible from your Autodesk Home Page > Open Support Cases.

Why does it point to French Autodesk site? And also why it does not work with ‘.com’ ??

Because I’m French ^^’… Sorry about that, the english version is here.

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Do you happen to know if the years of past zendesk tickets, both open and closed, are still accessible? I know I had several that were still open for RV, but even the links in the emails are not valid anymore.

I am still able to login to my support account from here so you should be able to as well.


However as mentioned above, do NOT create new tickets here as they will not be checked/receive a reply.

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