Getting in touch with support in general


I have recently found it increasingly harder to get in touch with support. There used to be an option in Shotgrid (Gun) to contact support. This in turned spawned an email with the link to the page you were on and enabling you to add images and to describe the issue further.

Not long after, someone in the street team would reach out. I found this approach to be direct, simple and plain brilliant.

No when I click the “Visit help sit” I get directed to a page with open topics. I can’t seem to launch a topic with support and I feel obliged to visit this forum instead.

Is this intended? And if so, why no just direct me to this forum, as a user?

The support system has been changed over to Autodesk’s support system.
To submit a ticket with customer support:

There is an option to raise a urgent ticket in case you are hitting showstopping issues.

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I just tried via the official support page and I got as far as entering a description before the website died on me.


I then tried a different browser.

Even though I’m logged in, it’s asking me to log in :face_exhaling:

The same thing happened to me in Chrome yesterday, and I simply gave up. I love this forum though. We should just all hang here.