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Hi ShotGrid fam :wave: ,

We recently transitioned our documentation from our old support platform to the Autodesk Knowledge Network. Unfortunately, most of the existing links throughout the community that were based on our old platform are now redirecting to the main Support and Learning page and are not a direct link to the topics new home. The reason we link to this page is that it is the best destination providing links to the most common areas that you need help from: our documentation sites, YouTube channel, Developer Docs, and how to contact support. But with this transition, things can be a bit disorienting, especially when trying to visit a link from the plethora of knowledge that we have on this lively community site!

That said, let me share a few pointers on where you can find things in the new structure, and I hope this is helpful:

We are considering updating links in the community, or at least prioritizing updating those most commonly referenced. In the meantime, please reach out here if you need any help finding a topic, and I’m happy to help! Reply here, or tag me in another thread where the link is presented, and I’ll be happy to jump in and help. I pretty much have the mappings memorized, so please do not hesitate to reach out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: .



Update: I just got through 200 of the most visited links on our community site and updated them. I’m going to stop there, but let me know if there is a post you’d like me to update links on and I’d be happy to add that link. You can also just tag me in the post itself for help on getting new links.

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