Developer site gone

I went to go look up some documentation for tk-core this morning and it looks like the entire developer site is gone. I know some of the docs were going to be relocated to the Autodesk support site (:confused:) but these API docs are a necessity to remain.


Okay… am I going crazy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The URL seems to have changed from =>

lol, that’s crazy.
you are correct. I was able to navigate via the new site, to the old non deprecated site. Although the root says it’s going to be deprecated :person_shrugging:

This is the new place:

Yes, I know they have started to set that site up and are moving to it (so much harder finding things there) :person_facepalming:.

It was just the unannounced move from developer to and lack of forwarding for the API docs that was concerning. As long as those API docs don’t go anywhere, it doesn’t really matter I suppose.

Would love to see more API docs for things! (hint hint) :slight_smile:

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Yeah, would be nice.

There is a lot more documentation available now though on the Autodesk site, especially interesting seeing some of the documentation for customers that still use the on-premise version.
Gives a bit more understanding of the whole stack.

I can understand why the main dev site goes, as thats Sphynx generated documentation which is a little harder to administer for people without coding experience.

As long as the API docs keep teh current style/layout it should be fine :slight_smile: