Developer Documentation Site Restructure

Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve released a pretty dramatic restructure of the Shotgun Developer Documentation Portal. We’ve structured the Table of Contents/navigation to organize the docs into Guides and Reference, and we’ve given the headers, titles, etc, descriptive names that refer to what they help you achieve, rather than the product they describe. The idea is that if you’re new to SG and visiting documentation early on, you may not even know what purpose “Toolkit” or “RV” serves, but rather will be seeking solutions around Pipeline integrations or Review, etc. Hopefully this will help folks find what they’re looking for easier, and put us on a path to have intuitive places to put new docs as we add to this site.

As always, this site is very much in progress, and is a labor of love that we work on alongside our other work, so progress comes in a bit of a trickle, but we definitely have improvements planned for the site’s aesthetics, usability, and lots of content. And as always, if you’ve got feedback, we’d love to hear it.


Thank you for keeping dev documentation a priority!

Python isn’t exactly my forté, nor my best friend - So having more documentation overhaul is great news for me and my users.

Is there a chance I could talk to someone directly about docs and user or developer education? I’d love to be helping out as best I can and help make Shotgun even easier!

@Pmack, thanks for the kind words – documentation is a huge priority to me and so many others on the team; glad you agree!

I’d love to set up a call to chat with you further about what you have in mind. The challenge will be time zone overlap (I’m in LA), but we’re old pros at that here. :slight_smile:

I"ll send you a direct message to coordinate.