New Support documentation website is confusing

Being a long time Shotgun user/dev, I frequently have to search for info on shotgun (administration, app dev, …). I also use the community forums to look for answers.

I was looking at some old threads, with links from shotgun people to the documentation, links such as for example:

This link is now redirected to a autodesk support page which is totally unstructured and I’m totally lost.

Please bring back the structure of documentation you had



I really want it too.
They should have backed up the contents of the community forum to this site before breaking the link to forum.

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Is there anyone at Autodesk here to respond to this?
There is a tonne of amazing help on this forum that might rendered less useful if all the old links to documentation become broken.
This isn’t the only case either, I’ve found quite a lot of links within the api documentation also no longer resolve.


Wayback machine is our last hope !


@donat I’m pretty sure that old link should be this one now:

I agree that the old broken links are annoying, most if not all of the documentation is still around.

The easiest way to start looking is to use the recommended links that pop up right when you get to the retargeted site.

Product Docs = Basic guides and written tutorials
Dev Docs = Dev/API docs
YouTube = Visual demos of features and usage cases (great for quick learning and demos)

That doesn’t solve the busted link issue but I hope it helps some people


Hi @donat , @sichoi , @Patrick, and @k_zananas ,

:wave: - Yes, I’m here and listening.

First, I want to say thank you for the feedback, and apologies that the transition is a challenge. I’ve moved into a content experience design role and have been working to making documentation improvements based on feedback. But to begin the transition, we copied the documentation directly from our old documentation site over to the new Autodesk Knowledge Network, but have made some more updates based on feedback to try and improve the experience:

  • We updated the presentation of the documentation so that it’s now organized by role. The hope was that users could quickly identify what is relevant to their roles, rather than features, etc.
  • All developer documentation is now available via the developer documentation site, to keep it focused in that area and continue the same flexibility this site has provided. We’ve also added some more content to this site, including additional workflows and common error messages with solutions that were surfaced in the community.

Here’s a rundown of where you can find things in the new structure, and I hope this is helpful:

That said, I acknowledge that this transition still does not come without challenges, and apologize for the issues you’ve experienced.

@donat , here is the relocated destination of the Integrations Admin Guide for configuring software launches: ShotGrid Integrations Admin Guide - SG Developer

@sichoi , is there anything in particular that you’re looking for? I am happy to help you find the right material in the new structure. And yes, we do have the old material backed-up, but it’s now considered out of date and we no longer maintain old documentation.

@Patrick , I completely agree :100: , this forum has a ton of incredible information. This is something worth considering for sure.

@k_zananas I urge against referencing any older documentation since we update so frequently. Let me know if this is something specific you are looking to find as well and I’m happy to jump in.



@shaynad to the rescue

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Hi again, I just wanted to quickly mention that I created a dedicated post here for helping everyone find the topics they are looking for. I’m happy to jump in whenever you mention me in a reply on another thread, or reply to this thread directly: Need help finding something?.

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Thanks for the info @shaynad

Now I’m trying to find the bug report section. To be clear : I have some closed tickets that I would like to read again. Again something that I’m not finding…



I can’t send direct link as it’s dynamically build but you can get there from

If anyone knows faster way I would be grateful too…

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Hi @donat, I checked with our Support Team and the instructions that @ales provided is the way to view tickets. Hopefully that gets you there :relaxed:

Hi @shaynad

I followed the link from @ales suggestion. I got on a page with no cases… Where are my cases…

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That looks like the right spot. Have you submitted any cases through your Autodesk Account yet? If not, you wouldn’t see any tickets listed here.

Instead, are you looking for solved tickets through the older site? Those older tickets were managed separately through that site.

Yes indeed I want to see my old support tickets that were managed by Where should I go to find them ?

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Gotcha - ok! Lots of folks are on break right now for the holidays, but I know the support team is still working away. If you put in a new support request to Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Knowledge Network, someone from the support team will be able to help gather what you need from the older site. I’m also tagging @Jmalan here for visibility.

You want me to make a support ticket because all my older support tickets are in limbo ?

I think this problem concerns all users of Shotgrid, all users that have had back and forth with the support team over the years… could you please fix this for everyone, not just for me ?



You can find the old support site here:


Thanks for the url, @Ricardo_Musch

@shaynad Can we still use this ? Can we create new tickets on it ?


I dont think you should create tickets there because basically what will happen is someone will check there and copy the ticket to autodesk ticket system, this will likely delay your ticket request.

I would also recommend downloading or printing to PDF any conversations you want to keep as I would imagine they will get rid of zendesk at some point in the future.

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I would like to have an official Autodesk statement on whether or not this is going to vanish. Seems to me they should find a way to convert it and keep it in their records

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