Toolkit documentation location

Are there any plans to move the documentation about how to configure toolkit to the developer site?

Right now most of the fine details on how to edit the configs are still articles on the support site such as the File System Configuration Reference page.

Really I want something that documents all the options I can change everywhere instead of being a tutorial page.

Hey Joe! Thanks for dropping a line here in our community forum. We do have a few documents about Filesystem Configuration in our new Developer docs, like these:

Let me know if there’s something particular that’s missing!


Those are the tutorial like pages I’m not looking for.

Searching for templates just gives me the python api reference not the settings I’m trying to understand when I need to update the templates.

If I want to search for everything I can use to filter keys in the templates.yml I have to leave the developer site for the article on the support site.

Hey Joe!

I was out on vacation on Friday, so I’m just seeing this. Moving things over to the dev docs site has been a gradual process – we’ve gone through all the Toolkit-related docs on Shotgun support site and have a plan for each: some we’ve deleted outright as they’re no longer relevant, some we’ve moved over or plan to, and some are a mix – relevant info needs to be teased out from out-of-date info, and moved to a proper place.

Our general philosophy is that Toolkit admin is developer content – if you’re managing a Toolkit config, you’re at the very least dealing in complex YAML files and python hooks. So, the goal is to have Toolkit admin documentation in the dev docs site.

With all that in mind, I’d be curious to know which pages in particular you’re referring to that you feel should be moved over – can you throw in some URLs?


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