[SOLVED] Pipeline configurations missing

We had hired someone to come in for a couple of weeks two years ago to help create some tools for our SG pipeline. In SG under pipeline configurations one could view the various versions of the pipeline he had created (default, tests, etc). For over a year one could go to the SG page and view the pipelines and their paths onto the network where the code was. For the last several months that page is blank. All we see under ‘pipeline configurations’ is ‘Create a new pipeline configuration’. Now our pipeline is working fine but I am thinking I may need to tweak one of the python files and I am worried about changing anything at all seeing how SG no longer lists our configurations. How does it know where to look for our code if there are no pipeline configurations set? Can I change one of the python files without worrying about configurations and versions. Could altering some code without telling SG cause an issue? Thanks.

I’m not sure how you could have 0 pipeline configurations and use the SGTK - but it would be possible to build tools using merely the Shotgun Python API and a script key.

Are you sure you’re using the SGTK apps in your pipeline?

Yes. We are using SGTK tools for sure. We launch them with Shotgun Desktop and they integrate with our entire pipeline. Up until fairly recently the configurations were available in SG but now it’s empty.
Kind of worrisome.

Are you sure the pipeline configurations are not just filtered out? Check the page filter.
Inside a DCC you can see where the pipeline configuration is located from the menu Shotgun → Work area info. There might also be info about which pipeline config is used.

Yep. Filtering is one of the first things I’ve checked.
I think at this point I’ll see if I have any luck with support. Inside Desktop I did confirm that the pipeline configuration is correct.

Pipeline configurations are filtered by projects if you acces it using “Other pages” → “Pipeline Configuration”
You need to create a global page that list Pipeline Configuration without this project filter. Maybe your configs are here.

Thank you so much. This was in fact the issue. I checked the global page and sure enough there are my missing pipeline configurations.


Haha nice. So I still wonder, how were those configurations picked up by toolkit, if they weren’t linked to the project?

A pipeline Config that is not linked to a project becomes a Site config.
So that is then used to load each project config that has no Pipeline Configs of their own.

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This is interesting. I don’t remember reading this anywhere. Will keep in mind.

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See here (the last part of the video describing distributed configs)