Do you guys even respond to support submissions?

I’ve submitted 3 support cases and all of them have been un-responded to.

Is this the new premium quality we get with the ADSK login among the other benefits?


I hate to say it… but I’ve had the same results. No responses… even after following up on my tickets.

Our primary support contact had left a month or three ago (time seems to blur together with COVID) and it has been sad ever since.

I always had such great responses before the switch over too. I wonder what’s going on.


Same situation over here unfortunately.


It’s not been great so far indeed…
And the Autodesk Ticket system is abhorrent and belongs in the early 2000’s…

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Yep, sitting on a support ticket from August 6th with no response.

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Same here! From August 6 as well!

I’m currently at “going to LinkedIn, wondering where my usual support engineers have gone, discovering that they are at ftrack/ Netflix/ the Foundry/ out of the industry entire” while wondering if the support situation will ever improve to the pre-rebrand levels. I would not trust the current situation to quickly get me out of a major downtime, especially one that happened out of ADSK support hours, and that’s worrying (to put it mildly).

Recent changes-- the ADSK auth migration, the certificate renewal-- could have been handled gracefully with the application of some technical account managers to let customers know via email or phone contact that they still have direct advocates with personal knowledge of their accounts on the support side. Unfortunately, major breaking changes seem to have been left to forum posts and terse banners on site instances, and that’s never going to leave a good impression on customers during a large transition.

The ADSK ticketing system is definitely not designed to handle the sort of in-depth inquiries that sites running their own SGTK installs encounter, and tickets often seem to end up in successive rounds of front-line troubleshooting and then go nowhere for days at a time.

Shotgun customers are generally used to being able to call their own bugs (“this is a Toolkit issue;” “this is a web front-end issue”) and get the help they need dispatched accordingly; to have that paradigm abruptly upended without warning, and to have the new one not even obey its own stated “24 hours to response” service-level agreement seems like something we should have heard about before it happened.

It’s fairly clear that we generally all had decent experiences with what was going on before this rebrand, and that it would be good to hear about what is going on now to cause this delay and disruption, what the relative experience level of the support organization currently is, how long before we can expect timely responses again, and what the plans are for announcing breaking changes in future/ supporting people to a level that matches the expectations we had when Shotgun was an incubated startup at ADSK and not just another ADSK product.


I love your post. Signing every line!


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Hey everyone, we had success at Molecule VFX eliciting a response from the Autodesk team by submitting our ticket through

Please note, I have just posted a Support Update that I hope will address your questions/concerns regarding the delays you are all experiencing with your support tickets. Thank you for your valued business and your patience as we work through this.



My tickets have a 50% response ratio over the last 3 months. Only 9 out of 18 new tickets have EVER been replied to. This is unacceptable.


@Jmalan For local instance installs… is the correct path to file support tickets on Shotgrid Support or through Autodesk support?

Do I need to cc someone specific to get a response?

@distinctrubeu you should be able to log your ticket in either system, but the preference would be Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Knowledge Network.

I just had a similar experience with the Shotgrid Support site where a ticket sat unresponded to for 5 days. We’ve not resorted to logging our requests with Autodesk support instead, but based on this thread I’m sensing the SG support site is undergoing a soft decommissioning and the AD site is probably the best recourse in the future. The lack of coherent messaging from Autodesk on this is kind of troubling though.

Although it is a bit off topic I think this blog post from a former shotgun employee does shed some light on the current situation at Shotgrid.

Hope someone finds it interesting :slightly_smiling_face:



The post has more interesting details on the status of support so just wanted to make sure that it’s linked:
Support Update

Hahahahahahahah, there is a new submission form for Sg support, which appears after you’ve managed to type in your problem within 500 characters. Now you have 1000 chars! WOW! Thanks a loooot :smiley:

But there is something else interesting!
“Get an answer within a business day”. Autodesk, the clock is ticking! I’m very curious :smiley:

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