WebSocket connection failed

So we’ve been experiencing a lot of users stuck on the “Sign in to Autodesk Identity” popup on the site. So far the only solution I have been able to figure out is to have the user quit Chrome and relaunch it. Looking at the Chrome console I see it’s having WebSocket connection issues which I get but this was never an issue prior to the switch to Autodesk login.

Anyone have any insight to this and are others experiencing this issue now?

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 10.13.31 AM

Hi @dschwarz

The web socket error is not related to the issue you are having.

Are you using a web proxy or is your firewall very strict about external connections ?

Take ShotGrid out of the equation. Can you connect to https://profile.autodesk.com ?

If you cannot connect/authenticate to that site, this is what needs to be sorted out. ShotGrid relies on the same authentication process.


Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the reply. I do manage a pretty tight ship in regards to my firewall but this is not the issue at hand. Or at least your connection example is not an accurate one. We can access and login to Autodesk’s site. I have the appropriate ports open on my firewall for ShotGrid.
This seems be an issue with something else and the holding on to the token or maybe the loss of authentication of being logged in. The users that have been having this problem usually run into this first thing in the morning after their computers have been asleep and they are trying navigate the ShotGrid site. It gets stuck on that popup to sign in.

Like I said restarting Chrome will allow them to get to the main login again. This I feel is a site issue and it’s getting stuck trying to have the user re-authenticate after their token has expired.

I have my users restarting Chrome when this happens but of course there are lots of grumbling because they have lots of tabs and windows open and they “never had to do this before”.

Hi @dschwarz

I admit that I am a bit confused : why are your users clicking on the Migrating to Autodesk button every morning ?

That is meant to be a link only for administrators, to drive the migration of the site to use Autodesk Identity.

Regular users do NOT have to click on that (and only see that button because they have the Allow access to admin menus enabled in their permission group.

The only moment when a user needs to use their Autodesk ID is when they log on the site.


They are not clicking on the “Migrating to Autodesk” button. Why are do you think they are? Are you suggesting that the problem the users are experiencing is because they are possibly clicking on a previous link that was part of the migration link they would have received in an email?

What they are experiencing is that when they start up work in the morning and they go to the ShotGrid site Chrome tab they were on the day before they are welcomed with the “Sign in with Autodesk Identity” popup and when they click on the “Sign in with Autodesk Identity” button it just gets stuck there and the only way to get past it is to quit Chrome and navigate back to our ShotGrid site which will then let them login and get back to working.

Hi @dschwarz

Why do I think they are ? Because that is the dialog that will show up when you click on the Migrating to Autodesk button.

I am trying to understand what is happening. Not knowing more about your site, it was not clear if it was fully migrated or still in dual mode.


Gotcha. The site was fully migrated but just recently. Let me get the users experiencing this to spill some more details and I’ll check to see if perhaps they are clicking on the link or bookmarked the link to get back to the site. But according to their story that’s not the case. But I’ll dig for more details.


Hi @dschwarz

Not sure if it is wide-spread, or affecting just a few users… But if I may suggest that one of those use a brand new profile in Chrome to access ShotGrid. This is to try to remove add-ons and leftover information in the cache from the equation.

With that new profile, I would suggest setting Continue where you left off in the On startup section.


So for one of the users that is experiencing this the most I jumped on their computer with them and saw that they were going to the site by going to the “recently” in History which could be the autodesk migrate link but not sure. I set them up with a bookmark on Chrome and made it so the bookmark bar was visible. If it keeps randomly happening I’ll try clearing the cache in Chrome.

The profile unfortunately is tied into our Google Workspace so creating another would be a pain for them and working with Workspace.


Thanks for the additional infos @dschwarz , I’ll keep an eye on this thread.


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