Autodesk Identity, having to log in several times a day


The frequency at which we have to log into Autodesk Identity is a becoming a real hassle. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the way the credentials are stored on local machines, but…it happens A LOT. In my own experience, I’ve been reviewing media on our site while in a meeting, and been kicked out - mid playback. Nearly every time I start the ShotGrid desktop app I have to use 2FA. If I change browser tabs sometimes that seems to trigger a full 2FA. It’s becoming very frustrating for a lot of people on my team.

Maybe we’re missing some critical information. Is there anything we can do?

Hi @Dan_Bradham

Obviously, the behaviour you describe is definitely not desired.

You mention using both the Web app from a browser, and ShotGrid desktop. I’d suggest we focus on the Web app first, on your main computer.

A few questions:

  • Is a network proxy involved ?
  • Is your site setup to only use Autodesk Identity, or is it still using the dual-mode ? (1 or 2 Sign In buttons when you visit your site URL in a private window ?)
  • Do you have your company SSO tied to Autodesk Identity ?
  • Which browser do you use ?
  • Is your browser profile configured to accept cookies for all domains ?
  • What is the frequency at which you are prompted for your credentials ? (can you note the time when you first log in, and at what time the next authentication request occurs ?)
  • About your use of ShotGrid, do you often sign out of ShotGrid ? (There are 2 ways to sign out from the user menu: one to sign out of both Autodesk Identity, another that just terminates your current ShotGrid session but does not log you out of Autodesk Identity)
  • Can you provide more details that may prove useful ? (knowing what is your site URL would help, but I can understand not wanting to post that in a public forum)

One potential thing to try : use a new Chrome profile for your ShotGrid sessions. This new profile will not inherit settings from your main profile, and isolate the tests.