Can we get rid of the "This site uses Autodesk Identity" page?

Are there plans to remove this page so I will just autologon/refresh/go to the login screen directly?

Every 1 extra click is one too many.



Hi @Ricardo_Musch

No plans to remove that.

But you can always bookmark https://your_site_here/forge/init_authentication

And you can even add your email so that it is pre-filled in the Autodesk Identity dialog:


Thats a shame because its a pretty useless page.
Now that we’ve switched to ADSK I see absolutely no reason why opening ShotGrid should take me to a page with 1 button instead of to the login page?

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Hi @Ricardo_Musch

That UX has been present for SSO-using ShotGrid sites for the past 4 years, so when moving on to Autodesk Identity, the same pattern was kept.

Given that the Autodesk Identity login flow does not mention anything regarding ShotGrid, there was a desire to have a starting point to the login flow that did mention the application.


Given that the Autodesk Identity login flow does not mention anything regarding ShotGrid,
So what? I don’t think anybody logging into ShotGrid needs to be told that they are now logging into ShotGrid, right?!
It’s just one more unnecessary click as @Ricardo_Musch pointed out, and usually people are wanting to get work done, not marvel at the new Autodesk branding.

I really feel SG needs a massive UX boost. It’s been pretty stale on basic things for a long time, and this is just one of many symptoms.


Yeah agreed.

One would expect a web company to follow basic web principles… one of which is to avoid unnessesary clicks.

I am pretty sure a lot of us did not use SSO and now we are presented with how that would have displayed.

Anyway, if anyone feels the same, let’s put it on the roadmap.

Also one more addition:

Not sure why but when my login is still valid, clicking the button logs me in to shotgrid… so why don’t I just immediatly get taken to the page I wanted to go? It just seems silly.

When I need to relogin, it should just take me to the login page, not to a button that takes me to the login page…

It just doesnt make sense. :woman_shrugging:


Adding my +1 for the removal of the unnecessary extra click !

It would help also if the “User Session Expiry” site preference was respected : we have it set up to one week, but since finishing the migration to the Autodesk sign-in, we’re getting the “Sign in to proceed” popup at least once a day (then get to the useless page, then back to the original page without actually having to re-login but still with all the user session prefs/filters reset)


Hi @Carine

Regarding your comment about having to sign in pop up… Your site is fully migrated and not using the Dual mode, correct ?

Is your experience identical to what is being described here: WebSocket connection failed ?

So pop-up → front page with one button → back in your home page in ShotGrid ? Without having to enter your credentials ?


Hi @Ricardo_Musch

Let’s split that in two.

  1. on a brand new machine, and a brand new browser, you want to just enter the ShotGrid site URL and immediately be taken to the Autodesk Identity page that asks you for your email, correct ?

  2. let’s say that you have a bookmark to a specific page inside ShotGrid. Clicking on that bookmark should take you to the page directly if your ShotGrid session is still valid (according to the session duration in Site Preferences -> Security). You are saying that it is not the case ? What is the exact flow ?

For case 2, the current expected behaviour (which I understand is not the one you want) should be:

  • if the ShotGrid session is no longer valid, I recall that you should be taken to the page with the one sign in button. What happens next depends on if your Autodesk Identity session is still valid or not: you may be asked for your credentials, and will then be taken to the desired page.
  • If the ShotGrid session is still valid, you should be taken to the desired page directly.

If your experience differs from that, then there is a bug.


Hi @patrick-hubert-adsk

We are fully migrated.

pop-up → front page with one button → back in your home page in ShotGrid ? Without having to enter your credentials ?

Yes that’s the behavior we’re seeing.
As far as I’ve experienced it myself, any action I do first in the morning on a page already opened would prompt that sequence.
Subsequent actions on any other already opened page work fine, but refreshing (browser refresh, not SG’s “Refresh this Page” button) reverts the page to its saved state ie my user session was reset.
So it really looks like my SG session is expiring daily, when it’s supposed to last for a week based on our site preferences.

The session expiration session setting is indeed supposed to be respected.
Which SG page(s) are you on when you have to refresh?

To be technical, there might be a specific page that has functionality that’s doing background network calls and failing, invalidating your session.

Any page really, as far as I can tell.
I personally mostly have global “default layouts” list pages that I keep open, as well as a couple of custom (also global) pages, but our artists who have reported that same behavior are mostly using project pages. We even had one user reporting getting that “sign in to proceed” popup in the ScreeningRoom browser pane in RV…

Thanks for the information. That last bit actually gives me a good idea of the scope of the faulty behaviour.
We’ll be tracking this one down.

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The issue has been identified and a fix is in flight. It should be live next week.
Thank you for your collaboration.


Thanks Souphan and Patrick! :slight_smile:

A fix has been deployed this morning to address this issue.
If everything went well, then that screen should not appear tomorrow morning.
Please let us know if your experience matches the expectation or not.


Will take a look if it feels better.
We did suddenly get presented with the fact that users cannot login through Sg Desktrop anymore if they haven’t set up a PAT (worked fine until yesterday).

Not sure if that was intended/related.

It is not related. To be completely transparent about it, it was caused by today’s release that introduced a bug affecting SG desktop users. It has been reverted since then.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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I’ll have to reconfirm on Monday, but I still got the “Sign in to proceed” pop-up this morning, although this time it didn’t bring me to the “Autodesk Identity” front page and only caused the page refresh to take longer than usual (so I guess the fix kinda works).

I was on my home page, so I’m not sure what would have happened on a different one.
But my session prefs did get reset again, which is pretty annoying…