SSO - Autodesk Identity x Google Workspaces

Hello, I’m wondering if ShotGrid is fully integrated with the Autodesk Identity SSO offerings.

A couple of quick questions:

  1. Does ShotGrid support SSO via Autodesk Identity?
  2. Does SSO work with ShotGrid Desktop and ShotGrid Create?
  3. What is the user experience like, would artists be prompted for their Google login for instance if we used Google Workspaces for SSO instead of their Autodesk Identity?

Hi @Dan_Bradham

1- yes
2- no, not directly. Only via Autodesk Identity authentication
3- for clients who have connected their SSO to Autodesk Identity, users typically enter their email when prompted by Autodesk Identity. Then, based on the email domain, the user would be redirected to your Google Suite login.

So your only option is to connect your company’s SSO to Autodesk Identity. But this is only something available to Premium or EBA clients.

It is important to note that authentication with SSO in Autodesk Identity is based on the email domain of the user. You will need to register that domain (which you MUST own) and configure it to have SSO talk to Autodesk Identity.


Thanks @patrick-hubert-adsk

It sounds like it could be worthwhile for us.