Account Login Issue

I have a student who exists in ShotGrid but is unable to log in. He has re-set his Autodesk account password several times but keeps coming back to an error message saying the account does not exist. He tried creating a new account but the same issue occurred. He has been able to gain access through following a link to an asset, but can no longer do this.

Hi @Sean_Callinan

Without knowing the URL of the ShotGrid instance nor the email of the impacted user, it is difficult to troubleshoot with precision.

The things I would look for:

  • Is the site fully using Autodesk Identity for Sign In ? In other words, when visiting the site (or after logging out), do you see the old username/password dialog, 2 login buttons or only 1 ? If it is only 1 button, then the site is fully using Autodesk Identity (the text with the button does mention Autodesk Identity).
  • Can you login on the site as an administrator and confirm that the problematic user does indeed exist and is enabled on the site ? (e.g. has the correct email address and is active). Be on the lookout for typos in the email. If the user does not exist on the site, or is not active, they will not be able to connect. If the site did go through the migration to Autodesk Identity, that user may have been disabled in the process.
  • Is the user able to connect to and see their profile ? This is to remove ShotGrid from the equation and ensure that the user is able to authenticate.

Hoping this helps.