Account login issue on shotgrid

We have multiple peoples who exists in shotgrid,but when we reset any user shotgrid password.
then they are getting mail for new password creation. but when our users login on shotgrid with new password.
getting error like email address / usersname and password do not match.

Hi @sonuv

A ShotGrid Admin cannot reset a user’s Autodesk Identity password.

The Reset Password that the ShotGrid Admins see in the People page is to reset the legacy passphrase of the user for ShotGrid’s own authentication system. The legacy username and passphrase are only used when making API connections to ShotGrid.

If SSO is NOT configured for the user’s email domain, only the owner of the Autodesk Identity account can reset their own password, from the Autodesk Identity login page of from their profile at

If SSO is configured for the user’s email domain, then the password reset process is dependent on the company’s systems.

From the screenshot you included, your users should click on FORGOT? to begin the password reset process for their account.

Hoping this helps,


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Hi Patrick Hubert,
we are following the above process for reset user password.

Now, our shotgrid-users are able to reset or create their own password .

Thanks for helping us.


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