[SOLVED] Shotgrid Desktop Login fails with message about "oxygenid"

Just wanted to note that if you get a (new) user login failure on Shotgrid Desktop with a message about there not being a valid oxygenid then this will be because the account hasnt been invited to the Shotgrid Autodesk Migration.

I fixed it by sending out invites to those new users and have them go trough the process to link their account.

Hi @Ricardo_Musch

I believe that this is a bug that should have been fixed with the release on Monday June 14th

The intent has always been to allow ShotGrid desktop users to be able to authenticate with their original credentials during the migration period.

That being said, the intent of the migration period is to ensure that all of your users transition to an Autodesk Identity account.


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Yeah it would be nice if those users automatically get a Autodesk ID invitation


I have Shotgrid users that are having this issue right now. We are on where people using SG Desktop get the UserCredentialsNotAllowedForOxygenAuthenticationFault.

How do I fix this?


Hi @mdthielen

This post may prove useful: Shotgrid Desktop update broken sign-in to migrated sites - #4 by mathurf

In short : you need an update of the tk-core