ShotGrid Desktop 1.5.9 not offering Autodesk sign-in

I have started the migration and although ShotGrid web browser and ShotGrid Create offer Autodesk sign-in, ShotGrid Desktop 1.5.9 does not. I think this is a problem for my completing the migration. I am on MacOS Catalina.


I upgraded to ShotGrid Desktop 1.7.0 but that does not appear to offer Autodesk sign-in either.

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Hi @mgoetsch

At this time, the ShotGrid Desktop will switch to a Web authentication only on a site that has completely migrated to Autodesk Identity.

During the migration period, users will be able to use their original credentials to authenticate with the ShotGrid desktop. Once the migration is completed, the Autodesk-branded sign-in will be used.


Ah, that might explain why ShotGrid Desktop is the only thing still working for me after the change to ShotGrid.

Hi @mgoetsch

Can you add details regarding your the only thing still working comment ?

What is not working ?


ShotGrid Create won’t launch any apps (e.g. Maya). I posted to forum and they suggested I contact support which I have but there has been no movement on the ticket for a week.
I tried to solve the problem myself on my end, but I don’t think there is much more I can think to do.

ShotGrid Create logs did show that Thinkbox Deadline to AWS Portal ShotGrid Pipeline through the API is not correctly mangling the paths and that makes RV throw an error in ShotGrid Create logs since the change to ShotGrid. I posted to forum about this today when I discovered it while trying to resolve the ShotGrid Create issue.

I am now afraid to fully migrate since the only thing working is ShotGrid Desktop and that is the only thing that hasn’t been changed. My users are migrated and I have purchased annual ShotGrid license through Autodesk, but I can’t lose ShotGrid Desktop functionality too or I will be unable to do anything at all.

I realize you all are working hard on this, so I am sympathetic, but I am worried and falling behind on project.

With the site migration deadline at the end of June for subscription this is becoming more urgent with each passing day. Are you able to move any of these issues forward?

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Hi @mgoetsch

I’ve mentioned the issue to colleagues on Create, but since I do not work on the product I am unable to get involved on troubleshooting this.

Regarding the deadline for your transition… are you using a trial site or do you have a site with monthly payments with your credit card ?

If you are using a trial site, it is always possible to ask for an extension. That 30 day is not a hard deadline… But I realize that is no help with you current project falling behind schedule.

if you were paying on a monthly basis, your deadline depends on your last payment. For example, if your last payment was on May 15th, then you have until July 15th to complete the transition. Again, this is not help for your current schedule

And if I may suggest a way for you to see if completing the transition now would solve your curent issues… Simply request a trial site from ShotGrid | Free Trial

This new site will be using Autodesk Identity from the start, and you can do tests with your current pipeline tools and see if the have the same issues as now, or if they work as they are supposed to. This will give you a preview of your post-transition experience.

Not ideal I know, hoping you will hear back quickly on your support ticket.


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Is it the same with RV? You still need to use the ShotGrid credentials and not the Autodesk credentials? Will this change as soon as we switch off the ShotGrid login option?

I have never had any issues with RV. It uses Autodesk sign-in with Autodesk credentials. Same for ShotGrid Create. Also ShotGrid Create will launch apps if I launch Publish and immediately close it before launching anything else for a version.

On SG Desktop we currently have to use our ShotGrid account because we have not fully migrated. We’re in the process of getting everyone migrated. Once we are fully migrated and turn off the ShotGrid account option then it’s my understanding that the AutoDesk account credentials will work in SG Desktop and not until we’ve done that. It’s going to be kind of crazy when that day comes. Doesn’t matter how many emails I send out to these people warning them. :wink:

I tried logging into the ShotGrid site in RV using the Autodesk account and it would not work. That is why I was enquiring. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s the same thing with RV or if it’s something on my end. Maybe cache or ???

Ok I need to correct this. The issue was on my end. RV is working with the Autodesk account. So it’s just SG Desktop that doesn’t support it.

Has anyone completed the migration and then switched to using the Autodesk account to login on SG desktop?

I have fully migrated but I cannot yet say with confidence that ShotGrid Desktop is fully working for me with the Autodesk sign-in. I have had some issues and am not yet confident that they are resolved, though I am able to work now. I’ll post back when I am confident.

Hi @dschwarz

Not that I am advocating this solution for everyone or saying that your should do that, but if you know someone who has recently requested a ShotGrid trial… They may grant you access to it. Sites created after June 7th all use Autodesk Identity. You can then see how the SG Desktop, or your other pipeline tools, behave in this new context.


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