Will my site become unavailable for some time when completing migration?

If so, for how long: a minute, an hour, a day?

Hi @mgoetsch

What makes you think that your site will become unavailable once the migration is completed ? Do we have documentation that seems to indicate this ?

The only thing (which is clearly stated in the GUI when you complete the migration) is that it will invalidate all of the existing sessions. Meaning that users currently connected will be kicked-out of the site and will need to re-authenticate.


Great! That is my best case! I couldn’t find anything in the docs so I thought I’d ask. Thanks for clarifying.

Well unfortunately I migrated and now cannot login to ShotGrid Desktop as it presents me with a blank white login screen. I have a ticket with Autodesk Support.

I was able to sign in with a Windows 10 and get a session key so it is working now. There is some issue with the sign in for MacOS.

Hi @mgoetsch

What version of ShotGrid desktop / tk-configs were you using ? Which version of Mac OS ?

Mac OS is my development platform, and I have never had issues with the Web-based authentication of SG Desktop (other than those I needed to fix, due to Qt4 issues)


ShotGrid Desktop 1.70, tk-configs Core v0.20.1, MacOS Catalina

Hi @mgoetsch

Thanks for the info.

Myself, running 10.15.7, and my SG Desktop is:

That seems close to what you have, I am surprised at the behaviour.

Did you provide your tk-desktop.log to support along with your ticket ?


They did not request the log, so I did not provide it.

Hi @mgoetsch

Then could you to please provide your tk-desktop.log file. This will be needed if you want your ticket to advance.


I will the next time it fails. Right now my session key lets me keep working.

It happened again when my session key cached out. I sent logs to support. Now I cannot login at all. I am unable to work.

Hi @mgoetsch

I believe that have a workaround for you, if you are willing to try it. You will need a PAT set to your user, and know your old login/password (now referred to as legacy login and passphrase)

The workaround:

  • Copy the ShotGrid desktop binary under a new name:
    cp /Applications/Shotgun.app/Contents/MacOS/Shotgun /Applications/Shotgun.app/Contents/MacOS/Shotgun_WA
  • Start the SG Desktop with that new binary
  • Select your site, and now the Login window should show you a login and a password field
  • Enter your legacy login and passphrase
  • You should be logged in onto your site

Once you have done that, you can Quit (not Sign Out) and re-start SG Desktop with your regular shortcut/icon

Have you tried starting your SG Desktop with the Python3 environment ?
e.g.: SHOTGUN_PYTHON_VERSION=3 /Applications/Shotgun.app/Contents/MacOS/Shotgun

Hoping this helps,


Both Shotgun_WA and SHOTGUN_PYTHON_VERSION=3 still present blank login screen.

I see these messages on command line:
GVA encoder info: AMD performance mode : 2
GVA encoder info: deleteSCDMetalContext : texture cache hits: 0, misses: 0

Then I see these errors repeated twenty times on command line:
[69291:85507:0728/073030.368579:ERROR:gl_context_cgl.cc(136)] Error creating context.
[69291:85507:0728/073030.368595:ERROR:gles2_command_buffer_stub.cc(262)] ContextResult::kFatalFailure: Failed to create shared context for virtualization.

followed by:
js: JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated
js: JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.click() event shorthand is deprecated
js: JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.resize() event shorthand is deprecated
js: JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.keyup() event shorthand is deprecated
js: JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.blur() event shorthand is deprecated
js: JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.focus() event shorthand is deprecated

I have a Mac Pro 2019 with AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo 32 GB GPU.
Is ShotGrid fine with my GPU but the Autodesk SSO sign-in app is not?

Google has led me to this QT bug that may shed light on the GL errors:

with this work around:

Autodesk closed my support ticket without a response. So I opened a new support ticket.

Both RV and ShotGrid Create Autodesk sign-ins work perfectly. If ShotGrid Desktop did what they do I would not have any issues.

Hi @mgoetsch

I have no visibility on the tickets and how they are handled. I do not understand why it would be closed. My apologies

I will relay your links, but they seem to be referring to older versions of Qt, 5.10 and 5.12, and the latest version of SG Desktop uses the same Qt 5.14.1 as RV does. Which is why I am puzzled that RV works on your machine, but not SG Desktop.

From what you describe, it seems to me like my workaround does not work… I will need to think of something else.

Are you using the latest version of the SG Desktop ? I know from previous posts in this conversation, it seemed to be the case, but I feel the need to confirm.


I had version 1.7.0 and it showed that every time I launched it, but just to be sure I have just downloaded and installed it again and now it seems to have a session key and doesn’t prompt me to sign-in. So I am working again! Thank you so much for trying to help me all this time. I was really at loose ends and your help kept encouraging me to try harder.

Hi @mgoetsch

The session key must have come from somewhere… Are you using another tool that (to your knowledge) uses the ShotGrid Toolkit ?

Once a user is logged in with the toolkit, it is possible for their session key to be persisted for other toolkit-using app to use.

Still puzzled by all of this,