Will my site become unavailable for some time when completing migration?

In response to another user’s question on this forum last night, I checked both RV and ShotGrid Create and got the expected perfectly working Autodesk sign-in. Then this morning I saw your post about was I sure I had the latest version of ShotGrid Desktop and though it said I was running 1.7.0 I decided to make double sure so I downloaded and installed ShotGrid Desktop again on top of the one I had from the Apps section of the ShotGrid Web Browser. And then launched ShotGrid Desktop and it seems to have a session key. I have nothing else (is there anything else?) that uses the toolkit. I also no longer have the error messages about GL.

Hi @mgoetsch

I am beginning to suspect that your use of either RV or Create may have left behind something for the SG Desktop to use.

So 2 choices here:

  1. leave things the way they are (you can work, which is the most important part), and hope that things will continue to work.
  2. or try to use the Sign out of the SG Desktop and see if you can log in again. And if you get the white page as you did before, fire up RV and or Create and see what is the magic combination.

I am a programmer, so I am sure you can guess which option I would chose :slight_smile:

If the issue shows up again in a week or later, it is always possible to try option 2

Still puzzled by all this and not happy that I cannot reproduce it on my machine.