Problem adding a new user

We’re actively using ShotGrid. I wanted to add a new user to demo the system, but so far have had no success.

Steps to date:
- Deactivated a current user (to avoid going over our subscription limit)
- Deleted a number of deactivated users (maybe possibly freeing up some space)
- Added the new user
- Assigned that new user to a Permission Group that is confirmed working successfully
- Reset the password, sending an email inviting that new user to log in (for testing purpose, I’m using my own extra test email)

Everything works up to a point:
- I receive the email
- Successfully reset the password
- Cannot log in.
- Error: “Email address / username and password do not match.”

- The email arrives successfully
- The login creds are copy/pasted from start to finish to account for (at this point) the unlikely possibility of there being a typo…

What might be the actual problem?

Just to be clear, are we talking about logging in via Autodesk Identity?
Are you able to login to the Autodesk site with these creds?

@Ricardo_Musch It’s the link that gets sent when you do “reset password” in the ShotGrid “People” entity.

Yes, but the window you are trying to login to is the Autodesk Identity window right?

The reset password features takes first to the password reset page, and once you’ve done that, the following login page: Sign in (with a callback in the querystring)