Vacation total list

Where can I find the page that can list out the total number of vacations an artist has added to the crew planner?


Hi Panos,

All entries in Crew Planning are tracked as Booking entities. So you could either navigate to a Booking page within a Project, or create a custom page to show all Bookings across your site. Once on a page of Bookings, filter by the “Vacation” checkbox. If it’s checked, that Booking is a vacation.


So i’m trying to design a page to show as a bar chart everyones total vacations for the year, but for some reason its only showing my bookings. Any ideas?

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Ignore me i think i got it there was a “current entity” filter that should have been turned off

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It’s all working fine now EXCEPT its only showing number of vacations not “vacation duration total.”

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Hi @PanosLightfield,

To summarize the duration of vacation with Graph widget, there are a few steps to follow prior to graph it.

Since there is no default Duration field on the Bookings entity, you need to add a custom calculated field as below to calculate the duration.

And then go back to your graph widget, and set the graph as below:

This way, you get a total duration summary of all the vacation per user.

That did the trick thank you @Ben_xzj although I had to add a +1 because 1 days holiday = 0.

({end_date} - {start_date}) + 1

Now I’ve just thought of a second item, what if people take a half day. Now i’m lost, I don’t even think you can add a half day to crew planner.

Indeed, @PanosLightfield. You can’t do assignments below 1 day in the crew planner.

I’m using the work schedule option to add vacations/leaves/days off, beacuse it can update the task schedule automatically - and keeping the duration of the task.
What I wanted to know is if there’s a way that i can see/extract a list of people with the vacations?

Hi @Ivanaan ,

Welcome to the community. Yay, there is a Bookings entities which lists all the vacations records you have added on a project. If you would like to see vacations record across projects, you may need admin permission or create a non-project custom Bookings entity page.

Thank you! Never checked this one :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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And I’m back again :slight_smile: . The bookings show only the vacations booked through the crew planning app. It doesn’t show me the bookings I did through the work schedule. Is there a way I can see these as a list?