Crew Planner Total Days


I’m trying to find a way I can get shotgun to count the total amount of booked days per group/department (3d/2d/pipeline). I can get the widget in the dashboard to do a count of the total amount of BOOKINGS but not the actual sum of days.

Is there a way to do this?


Hi @amylitleprints,

Thanks for the question! While you can’t get a display for this directly within the app itself, you could use the graphing widgets or even a list page to get the data you want.

The underlying entity tracking the data is called a Booking. In the example below, I’m on a Booking page grouping by “Assigned To” to get the total amount of time booked per-person, but you can rearrange things on the page to suit your needs. The Duration field in the screenshot is a Calculated Field that shows the difference in days between the start and end date.


Hi Brandon,

Thanks for this. It’s disappointing the widget doesn’t do this, I’d have thought this would be standard?

Is there not a plan to implement this? As it’s very helpful to have it as a widget on the project page.