Get a summary for bid vs time logs for a grouping like pipeline step or episode?

I feel stupid asking this, but it seems like if I want to get a summary of how the bid days compares to time logged at a higher level than task (like pipeline step or episode) I have to write something myself?

In the attached example “Percentage of Bid Days Used” is just the existing “Time Logged - % of bid” column renamed. But you can see that the column summaries are just the average of the contents of the column, which makes sense - but gives an incorrect result in this case as it needs to calculate horizontally across the summaries from the other columns to work. It also doesn’t appear that there is a summary mode (avg, count, etc.) that would solve this.

Is there somewhere I’m missing that would give me a rolled-up tally of bid vs. actual time for a dept, episode etc?


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Hi Laurenc, this may be a bit late but have you seen this?

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Thanks @Ricardo_Musch !

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