Bookings Entity Flaws


I’m having an issue with the Bookings entity.

I have two test bookings, one on 2024-04-14 (singular day) and one spanning from 2024-04-01 to 2024-04-30.


This is how it appears in the gantt:


The gantt mixes the two bookings and indicates the artist is booked to start on 2024-04-01 and end on 2024-04-14. It shows nothing on the 2024-04-30 date. If you hover over the start/end dates in the gantt, it doesn’t indicate any other fields or information about the booking itself.

In this example, the booking on the singular day of 2024-04-14 is to indicate a booking used for a different purpose, let’s say to indicate a day in which overtime was approved, to enhance visibility on the gantt view for coordinators to effectively look at an overarching schedule.

Given the current behaviour, this is impossible to do.
If you are to set the ‘overtime approved’ booking on 2024-04-14 as a vacation, you can’t distinguish the overtime approval booking from an actual vacation booking on the gantt.

Overall, I’m struggling with using the bookings entity (as the only entity that’s visible on the gantt other than tasks) in a context that isn’t an overarching project allocation or a vacation booking. Is there a workaround, or another solution I should try?

Thank you!

Hi @PhilFranjo

I don’t think there is a way to have another identifier in the gantt views. Like you said, bookings is limited to project allocations and vacation/away entries. Your example is essentially telling the project they have access to someone during a time they have access to them which is why it doesn’t show up. You could play with the phases entity as that will show up in the gantt view but it isn’t person/assignment specific so it could get very messy for OT indications.

A couple options:

-Create a new task for the artist called OT Approved so that it is visible with the other artists tasks in the gantt. You’ll just need to have those filtered out of the standard projection pages so they don’t cause confusion for people that don’t need to see them.
-Create a new entity called something like OT Resources that is linked to the individual artists. Requests can go there and be approved/declined via a status. Coordinators can have a canvas page that shows them approved OT resources for the artists they are responsible for along with their current task lists. Its not as convenient as having everything in the gantt but its an option