How do I create a page that shows a list of tickets next to a gantt chart?

How do I create a page that shows a list of tickets next to a gantt chart ?

Make a canvas page and add widgets?

i tried that. I can see how to show tasks with a Gantt chart, but not tickets with a Gantt chart.

I’ve only known Task entities to have the gantt view available unfortunately.

It would be great to have this feature extended to other entities like Tickets with designated start/end dates though. Phases and Bookings for example are example of other system entities that could benefit for this, but it seems that Phases and Bookings are overlayed in the Task gantt and tied to Tasks in a specific way see: ShotGrid | Blog | Shotgun Quick Tips: Gantt Overlays

Bookings themselves are reflected when viewing via the Crew Planning app which is still in beta… maybe reaching it’s 10 year anniversary too.

Same goes for Projects in the Project Timeline app…

In summary, if it quacks like a duck… why not gantt it? Sounds like a reasonable feature request that undoubtedly will require a lot of backend re-writing or perhaps the SG team can make something by way of a gantt widget for a canvas page that would bridge this gap in the mean time where ANY entity could be ‘gantted’ and the start/end date fields specified in the widget settings.


I ended up adding subtasks to tickets, but it’s not very intuitive. I may start over, get rid of tickets altogether and use tasks instead with a field to identify what sort of task it is

You can link Tasks to Tickets if that helps?