How do you Display Milestones on Global Page Gant Chart

I work across multiple SG projects and want to have one page that let’s me look across all projects. I’ve created a global page showing the tasks from all projects, but the Gantt chart isn’t displaying any of the phases of milestones from any projects. It is set to display all information on the chart. I assume it doesn’t appear because the phases and milestones are on specific projects. Because the the page looks at all projects by being set to no projects, it ignores the information for the chart. Is there a way to change that?


@Luke_Kelly, sorry for the troubles there. While phases and milestones from Project Timeline should be visible on a global task page, you’ve encountered a bug preventing them from being visible in the global context. Currently, they’ll just be visible in the context of a project. We’ll keep this thread posted with any updates on the bug.

Here is a workaround:

a) Go to the filter panel, and select Project IS “(select a project)”.
b) Then, hard refresh your page (press Command-R on a mac or press Ctrl-F5 on windows).
c) It should appear after these steps, but if not, you can go to the Gantt Display dropdown above the Gantt, then turn off Phases & Milestones, and then turn back on Phases & Milestones.
d) After that, you should be able to use the filter panel and Project filter freely with Milestones overlayed on the Gantt.