Vacations created in crewplanner

Hi all,

I created a number of vacations in the crew planner but for some reason they’re not showing in the bookings page? I can see them clearly in the crew planner, but I’d like a bookings widget to show scheduled vacations coming up.


There’s no filters on, and even when I tick the ‘vacation’ checkbox filter, they’re not showing

Any help would be great, thanks

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Anyone, please? @shotgrid_managers

Did you tick vacation?

Yep vacation is ticked in the filter, it’s also shown as a vacation in the crew planner.
I can see them in the gantt chart but they don’t exist in the bookings page at all

So I just noticed in the bookings page they don’t have a project assigned - as soon as I assigned a project they show up in my vacations tab now. Is there a way to automatically fill the project out when creating these vacations? It seems that I can only either;
Assign project - create a traditional booking
Create a vacation - this doesn’t assign any project

EDIT: So I can’t even add the project to the booking, it removes the project from the field straight away