Crew planning | `More fields` in the pop-up of booking


In the Crew Planning tool, we can’t have more fields in the popup window that appears by clicking on booking item.

Is it a feature that can be add on a next release ?


Hi Kévin,

I’m curious, what other fields would you want? Do you want a custom field or an existing field? Perhaps you are just hoping to have the same “add field” functionality to the assign project form from the Crew Planning page, but I thought I’d ask what you were hoping for.

If you need to add something for now, and if it helps, go to the admin profile menu (top-right) and choose Bookings page. This will show you all the current bookings on the Crew Planning Tool. Then you can create a new booking and add more fields to that form. Perhaps this accompanies what you want for now.

Hello @pixonti ,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, we do. For example, we added a field called Type to track the type of booking (for example if it is a booking from the bid or if it is a booking for extending someone on the project…)

As you say, to solve those fields missing in the popup, we created additional page using listing view… It would definitely be better to have all information directly on the Crew Planning View.

Best :slight_smile:

Happy to reply!

I’m glad you found another way to do it. I hope that this is functionality provided in a future update, as it would be quite useful.


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Hi Kevin,

The Crew Booking app is really not sufficient to properly manage team schedule and work assignation. This app doesn’t seem to have improve at all in the past years.

It lacks a lot a basic functionalities like for example:

  • exact booking duration fields when assigning multiple projects to on single person
  • time off and vacation bookings functionalities that will override project bookings

Like you, so far, we’ve been using other pages to cover those missing functionalities. But improving the Crew Planning is one of the most recurrent request from the production department and we are going to manage HR and Planning out of ShotGrid.

King regards,

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