Add working days remote in Crew Planning

Hi everybody,

I would like to make more use of the Crew Planner. Now I can add vacation days and off days but did anyone ever try to use the schedule overview to also see who is working remotely or not in a week?

Hi @Brickie
The default setup for crew planner (booking entity) is to indicate away/vacation time vs project allocations from a high level. Outside of the crew planner app and the booking entity the only other place this data is displayed is as an overlay on the task gantt views.

In the crew planner app, the only info that is displayed is the project/vacation allocation, the start/end dates and the description field. It’s an unfortunate limitation but knowing that you can use the description field to put in notes as you like (ie: in-house vs remote). That said, the issue with this is that if you have someone alternating in-house vs remote during a given week on the same project, you would have to make a lot of entries and have a tough time maintaining that system. It also might not display very well in the task gantt views.

Personally I think you would loose that high level resource planning tool if you started to manage it like that. You could create a new entity specifically to track in-house vs remote time planning. If you track worked hours through time logs you could also add a checkbox or list field that indicates the same thing so you can track planned/scheduled time vs what actually happened. Just some thoughts