Using Webhooks to Overhaul Statuses

Hi Jon, thanks for your incredibly thoughtful response! haha

The short answer, is that I’ve been thinking about adding Final as a task status to let artists know that a shot has been basically, approved by DI. But since we have it set up that Delivered to DI takes the task off the artist’s dashboard, it’s less important. For reasons I describe below, it makes less sense for us to use Final as a version status.

To answer your question in depth, I can explain my thinking about how I see the different entities and the roles they play. Versions on SG, for our studio, play the role of a low-res review which we review internally and send to clients - so technically, you never deliver a version to DI, since versions are low res, you final it when it’s client approved - which triggers the ready for hi-res task status, which tells the artist it’s ready to go. Furthermore, it triggers the Shot Status, Client Approved which we have linked to a client spreadsheet - here - so the thinking behind shot status is what’s relevant to Client and Execs, and DI, so the distinction between delivered to DI and Final is relevant here - where it’s less relevant in Tasks, and not relevant at all in Versions.

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