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I have a small problem when reviewing in Shotgun create, in terms of the shot version statuses I only have a limited amount, there are some that I have on the website that I dont have on Create. How can I add all the statues? And can I add custom ones?


Hi Eddie !

You need to add them from the Manage Apps page. From ‘‘My Tasks’’ tab, you can Organize statuses. You need to do that for all custom statuses so Create knows in which category it goes.

You need admin rights to access the panel.

Hope this help, if you have more questions, do not hesitate !!




Found it! Thank you very much Francisca


Hi there, I am having trouble getting certain Version statuses to stay in the correct tabs in Create.

I have multiple departments reviewing the same Versions and I want to have internally approved Versions stay in the Pending tab until our external departments sign off on each one.

I have created three custom statuses and updated all the Version status settings as follows:

Internally Approved - set to remain Active
Notes - set to remain Active
Viewed - set to remain Active
Requestor Approved - set to be marked Done
Approved - set to be marked Done (used for versions that do not require external approval)

However, everything keeps getting moved to the All tab once the Version status changes.

How do I actually disable that and only allow the statuses I have defined as being “Done” get moved to All?

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Hi @Jessica_Westbrook,

Thanks for Posting. It seems Astrid on our team is helping out in a 1:1 thread. Let’s keep all the conversation in that thread.


No problem, I am just sometimes unsure if it’s better to post a question whose answer would help someone else down the line or just open a ticket.

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My vote always goes for posting in the forum for the benefit of the community, but I’m a bit biased. :wink:

Another benefit of the forum is you get more eyes and perspectives than a 1:1 support ticket.

But, sometimes, you need to dig deep into an issue on your site and 1:1 makes more sense.

There’s no wrong answer and both support pathways are available. :smiley:

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Ok, well then for posterity I will post the answer to my question here.

Currently ,the only Status which will keep a Version in the My Reviews/Pending tab is “Pending Review”.

So my plan to have multiple departments review the same Version and simply use different approval statuses is currently untenable with Shotgun Create.

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Have you found another solution to the staged approvals for various departments? I’m looking for a similar solution in SG and preferably SG Create.

Hi All,
I’ve changed a status (in the manage apps) so that it should appear in my create task review dropdown, but it’s still not visable. I’ve restarted Create but I just cant get the status i want (revision requested) to appear in the active set. Is there a final step i’m missin gto ensure the changes on the web interface propgate through to Create? Thanks