Task still appears in My Reviews>Pending Reviews even after being set to Viewed

I’m just exploring Shotgun create, so there may be an obvious answer to this I’m overlooking. I have a single shot that I am set to review, and my artist set the status to pending review. It shows up in my Pending Reviews tab, but when I switch the version to viewed, it does not sort to the All tab. I’ve left a note on the latest version, but even still, there is a blue dot on the version indicating it’s new to me. I’ve double checked that all version status’ are set to viewed, but it still remains.

Have I overlooked something?


Also, when clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the version in the Pending Review list, i am missing the ‘Mark All versions as Viewed’ option, which used work.

It now reads as “Mark all versions as”

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Hey Blaine, sorry for the trouble here. What version of SG Create are you using, and what OS?

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Hey Blaine, I wonder if this is a bug with the Manage Apps prefs. Can you tell me what you see if you go to Shotgun > Apps > Manage Apps and click the gear icon on Shotgun Create?

Mine is looking like this. My suspicion is that the “Set version status for reviewing versions” somehow got unset, hence the “Mark all versions as” bug you pointed out. Try setting these statuses or your equivalents and see if that works.

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According to dev, this is a known issue and we have a fix in review right now. My instructions above may not fix it, though. I’ll keep you updated on when this gets cleared up. :+1:

In the meantime, knowing your Shotgun site version would be helpful to dev.


Hi Dennis, thanks for your feedback.

Initially my shotgun create ‘My Reviews’ options were not filled in (and that’s when Shotgun Create was actually allowing me to mark all versions as viewed.) I’ve filled in the options exactly as you have in your image - Pending Review and Viewed - but as mentioned, the ‘Mark all Versions as…’ bug popped up after this step.

Our site is on this version:
v8.9.0.3535(build 24fad84)

I’m on Windows 10, running v2020.2.62 of Shotgun Create

Hey folks - I’m not sure what happened, but the persistent task is now gone, as expected!

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