Shotgun Create hangs when attempting to load 'My Tasks'

One of our artists has had a chronic issue where Shotgun Create will show his assigned tasks, but will hang if he actually clicks on the task to explore the versions. He’s updated to the latest version of shotgun Create, but this hasn’t resolved the issue.

Our site version is v8.9.0.3535(build 24fad84)


Hi @Blaine_Toderian,

We released a version of Shotgun Create an hour ago. Is that the build that your artist have on his workstation?

In that release, we fixed a bug that might be the one you are describing.

[My Reviews] Create no longer hangs on My Reviews, when the Pending Review status has been modified in ‘Manage Apps’ in the Web UI. [SG-16446]


I believe so, Version 2020.3.19