Shotgun Create and Flame - unable to tie publishes to tasks so versions dont show up

When we publish version of shots from Flame they fail to appear in Shotgun Create because we are unable to tie them to the comp task. This is using the out of the box basic config.


Hey @jesse_morrow—apologies for the delay here; had to do some digging to figure out what’s what.

In short, Flame’s Shotgun Integration predates Shotgun Create and it’s Task-focused workflow. The result is that when creating the Version, Flame isn’t setting the Task information Create needs. There’s no way around this using the current Flame+Shotgun integration.

A potential workaround would be to continue to use the Flame submission tools and then update the Task information on the Versions in Shotgun in your browser. I appreciate that this is not ideal and pretty manual—unless you write a script to handle it.

I’ve passed this issue on to the team for their consideration. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the reply Johnny. Our whole approach to Shotgun is little to no manual input from artists/managers. This will make adopting Shotgun Create a no go for us. In the mean time we are using some other task based tools to track tasks for Flame Artists.

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Hello, I as hoping you might be able to expand on what type of script can achieve this?