My Tasks status categories


Just starting to take a proper look at Shotgun Create and it looks very promising to me!

One thing that I felt right away that I’m missing (from an artist perspective) is to have a category for tasks that are awaiting feedback, so tasks that basically are somewhere between “Active” and “Done”. Are there any plans on making it possible to add “categories” or is it going to be Upcoming, Active and Done?


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Hi @jonas.lindfors,

Thanks for being interested in Shotgun Create and much appreciate your feedback to help us make SC better.

I’ll leave “adding categories” topic for our Shotgun Create team as it’s more of a feature request to me.

The workaround I could think of at this stage is to organize the status and put pending review in the Upcoming status group (assume tasks that are awaiting feedback are marked as Pending Review status) . This way, the tasks on Pending Review will go back to Upcoming category and fall into Active again once someone review and feedback on them (change the task status to In Progress, which is organized into Active category). Tasks will iterate between Upcoming and Active tab until they are completed.

Check out how to organize the tasks statuses here



Hi @Ben_xzj,

Yes that is probably the way we’ll go for now. Thanks for your input!