Entity Status

Recently we added two projects to SG and defined task templates for Episode, Sequence, shot and assets.

It seems all set up correctly and the projects work, however, our tools (python codes) which automate different parts of pipeline based on the entity status change, do not work.

Whenever we change an entities status in SG website, for instance to “In Progress”, it seems that it has changed in interface, however, the tool send an error that the status has not changed in background.

The tool works for other projects, just we have this problem for the new projects and I am wondering if the task template or project definition cause this problem.

We have compared the new projects with the old ones, all has the same setting but it is odd that we recieve “status change failed” message on webhook.

I appreciate your support and tips on this issue.


We would likely need a bit more information to help out (tracebacks, example code, example webhook events) but honestly, the first port of call would be to add some debug logging to your webhook so you can see if the event received has the correct information and how you process that.

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Thanks! resetting webhook to see what’s happening there!

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