8.46 Release Notes

Release date: January 17, 2023 ET

We released the following updates since 8.45:


Added support for applying Input Validation Rules to template Project

This includes support for:

  • Applying Validation Rules to template Projects

  • Changing Project configurations with Validation Rules

  • Applying Validation Rules from a source Project to a target Project (including template Projects)

Learn more about using Input Validation Rules with template Projects here!

New reverse field ‘‘Version’’ for the Task entity

Added the reverse field “Versions” (sg_versions) on the Task entity that links to the single-entity field “Task” (sg_task) on the Version entity. This field is now available via the UI and API. [SG-27236]

Bug fixes

Email notifications

  • Fixed an issue with recipients when sending emails for local install customers. [SG-28951]

Entity Importer

  • Fixed a regression that caused the importer to crash if the task duration field contained data with an incorrect format. [SG-29119]

Python API

  • When passing a Hash as return_fields to sg.create(), a proper API error is now raised instead of a Crud internal error. [SG-12306]
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Page - Grid View

  • Page loading optimization: Pages with a very large amount of complex widget and/or grid columns are now better supported. This will be gradually deployed. [SG-28701]

Bug fixes:

Page Design

  • Fixed an issue where a background color change would not be saved on a threaded entity’s detail page [SG-29291]


  • Permanently fixed a Webhooks bug where not all Webhook events were delivered for some larger imports. More specifically, events would fail to be delivered when multiple simultaneous transactions generated interleaved sequences of events. Original fix was released incrementally starting in November 2022. [SG-29040]
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Bug fix:


  • Fixed the Webhooks “test_connection” date format so it is consistent with the Webhooks date format. [SG-28324]
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Bug fixes:

Fields (Reporting)

  • Fixed an issue where column summaries were not displaying on all grouping levels. [SG-27648]

Filter Panel

  • Fixed an issue where applying an “is empty” page filter to a Pipeline step would cause a page to not load. [SG-28657]

Review Notes App

  • Fixed a bug that would revert the Author field to the original Author after updating the field and publishing the Note in the Review Notes App. [SG-25941] (Thursday January 26, 2023 ET)

Bug fix:

Canvas Page Widgets

  • Fixed a regression where adding a Start Date to a Status History Graph displaying the Project Timeline Range area would not work. [SG-29470] (Tuesday January 31, 2023 ET)


We have added support for expressions in search requests when using Quick Search :tada:

ShotGrid Pages now have Quick Search capabilities that support expressions (AND, OR, NOT, "", -) in search requests. [ACME-8373]


To learn more, visit What’s New here.

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Bug fix:


  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to add a playlist to a playlist from the context menu. [SG-29223] (Monday February 13, 2023 ET)


Analyze Page Performance :tada:

As an Admin, you now have the ability to analyze and optimize Page performance components on grid type Pages. [SG-29711]


To learn more, visit What’s New here.