8.45 Release Notes

Release date: December 6, 2022 ET

We released the following updates since 8.44:


Show and Hide Custom Entities

Added support for Showing and Hiding Remaining Custom Entities in Site Preferences, giving you the ability to enable any available Custom Entities instead of being limited to the next available Custom Entity (previous behavior). Learn more here. [SG-27327]


Input Validation with Spaces

Added support for spaces in Input Validation Rule segments. Learn more here. [SG-28679]

Bug Fixes


  • Added a requirement for validation rules to include one or more required segments when creating a validation rule on a field. [SG-27636]
  • Fixed an issue where newly created statuses would not appear after a user navigated to the Permissions tab in the creation dialogue window. [SG-28649]


  • Reduced the chance of a deadlock caused when updating entities that are pointing to the same linked entities. This release will be gradually deployed over the next few days. [SG-26125]


  • Fixed a bug where not all Webhook events were delivered for some larger imports. More specifically, events would fail to be delivered when multiple simultaneous transactions generated interleaved sequences of events. [SG-27646]
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Also in this version:

Media App

  • Fixed an issue in the Media Center where a Version link would repeatedly open until the browser cache was cleared. [SG-6119]


  • Fixed an issue where the Note creation form would freeze and still send a Note after an error message was displayed for required fields being empty. [SG-24544]
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:tada: Added support for applying Input Validation Rules to template Projects [SG-29065]. This includes support for:

  • Applying Validation Rules to template Projects

  • Changing Project configurations with Validation Rules

  • Applying Validation Rules from a source Project to a target Project (including template Projects)

Learn more about using Input Validation Rules with template Projects here!

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  • Added the reverse field “Versions” (sg_versions) on the Task entity that links to the single-entity field “Task” (sg_task) on the Version entity. This field is now available via the UI and API. [SG-27236]
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