Unable to Activate Vendor Users

Hello when we try and activate a Vendor User we get the following error "Couldn’t actiavte “user name,” try again. Is there some magic to getting these users to work?

Hi @jesse_morrow

I assume that this vendor user was de-activated during the transition to Autodesk Identity.

Is the user’s email valid ? Is the name a human name ? (e.g. not just numbers, not using profanity, or reserved words such as admin)

There is no special magic specifically for vendor users.

You can look at the event log entries to see if an invitation was sent and if there was an error.


Hi Patrick,

I have the same issue. I’m trying to activate a disabled user but the same error message shows up: “Couldn’t activate -user name- try again.”

The user’s email is valid. The name is a human name.

I tried to remove the user and add him again, but it gives me the same result.

Can you help, please?

Many thanks, kind regards,


it’s usually best to make a support ticket as the forums are not actively monitored for issues.

If you can post some more detailed error logs (please make sure to sanitize them for security reasons) then we can try and help here as well.

Please post:

  • ShotGrid’s full error details
  • Any Event logs details that may describe your error

Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for your reply. We resolved the issue - we had more people active than seats purchased (wasn’t aware we could go to negative numbers). We purchased more seats and everything works now.

I’ll make sure to create a support ticket next time.

Kind regards,

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Thanks Patrick - we now have to pay for Vendor users. We were unaware of this and did not have enough licenses.

Hi @jesse_morrow

That has always been the case. All active HumanUser were billed. With the move to Autodesk Identity and licensing, this has not changed.

Client Review Site users do not need licenses.

Glad that you found what the issue was.


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