Turning off Welcome Email

Wondering if there’s a way to “turn off” the Auto Email Invite in Shotgrid. In the past, it was an option - no longer it seems. When a new account is created, we’d like to refrain from sending out the welcome email. Currently, we see this when we create a new account:

“ShotGrid will send a welcome email to the new Person”


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Hey Matt!

More of a workaround, but depending on how you’re creating your users if you can initially set their status to “Disabled” then the welcome email will not be generated. You then need to go in and set their status to “Active” (but the action of doing so will not generate an email).

Thanks so much, Brandon and great to hear back from you! Thanks for the answer - it’s working!

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There is always a chance that I am wrong here… But I do not recall being able to turn off the welcome email being send out when a user is created as active.

The reason why I think an email is always sent: the email sent to the user contains a unique (and expiring) link for them to set their password. Otherwise you needed further actions from the Admin (to set/communicate the new password, or trigger a password reset which would generate an email anyway)

Things are changing with the move to Autodesk Identity, but there is still the need to communicate to the user a unique link if we cannot find that this email is already associated to one. The invitation process will pre-reserve a user with that email.


Thanks, Patrick - seems that merely switching the account to “DISABLED” when creating will prevent the email from sending out! A simple workaround apparently.

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