Trying to get rid of default MyTasks page

we have a default “Artist Landing Page” which covers all the Shotgun needs an Artist has.
I constantly see new Artists having the default “MyTasks” page open, even though the Artist Landing page is set as their Home Page.
Is there a way to revoke access to that, delete it or just hide it from the global navigation?

Chances are high that I don’t like pages that are not as configurable as the rest of Shotgun. This is true for the mentioned “MyTasks” page but extends easily to the “CrewPlanning” and “ReviewNotes app” :slight_smile:



Hi Tobi,

Currently, no, there isn’t a way to completely hide the My Tasks link in the global nav. I’d recommend sending your input to our product team via the roadmap site.

It is possible, however, to hide the other Apps you mentioned like Crew Planning or Review Notes. Click the Apps menu > Configure Apps. There you can control whether some are on/off altogether, or which permission groups have access to them.