Remove My Tasks Link from top toolbar


We’d like to remove the default My Tasks link from the top navigation bar of our site. We found that My Tasks is too limited in terms of customization and formatting, so we’ve created a custom page for our artists, but we need to replace the My Tasks link with a link to our new page. Is there any way to do so?

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-Phil F

That’s an interesting question - I suspect the answer is you can’t remove that link from the global nav bar. But you COULD tell artists to set their home pages as your custom page, so they can just click on the ShotGrid icon to go directly to that instead of My Tasks. Annoying, but achievable. (Also I responded to this so I can follow and see if other folks have better ideas.)


You can also preset artists custom homepage so they dont have to set it themselves.

Oh right! I completely forgot that’s an option.


My Tasks is now an “app” which means you can turn it off like this:



whaaat? When did that happen? Amazing. I’m going to need to update my custom Artist homepage design and clean things up accordingly.


haha, some time ago!
Almost all of these, even the inbox, is now an app and can be configured and turned off.

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