My Tasks Detail page won't revert for artist

(reposted/paraphrased from support ticket)

For some background: a couple days ago, some users complained their Notes and Versions Tabs under My Tasks were missing columns. The only fields listed under My Tasks for Notes are the Subject, and for Versions, the Version Name.

I’m guessing this is because someone changed the Global Layout.

Just now, I tried adding some additional fields on the Task Detail page (seen under My Tasks) for both Notes and Versions tabs, and then used “Save Page as Global Default”. I see those changes, but I don’t see any option for either of the users, when I sudo to their user, to revert their My Tasks to the Global Default.

Sorry feel like I should know this. I’ve already read this page a few times:

(reposted from support ticket)



If you want to affect the Task Detail page in My Tasks, you need to change the Task Detail Page for the Project the Task relates to. After you update the Task Detail Page, the next time the user enters “My Tasks”, they will have to “Revert” in their page settings to pick up the changes you made OR they can log out and back in again.


Here are some helpful tips on Detail pages that will help guide you through this confusion:

  1. You can have 2 types of Detail Pages: Project Based and Global Default Layouts
  2. “My Tasks” uses the Project’s Detail Page layout, specific to that Task’s Project
  • Example: If a Task is on Project XX, when you click the Task you will be looking at the Task Detail page for Project XX. If the Task is on Project YY, you will be looking at the Project YY Task detail page. If you change the Task Detail page on Project XX, then all “My Tasks” of that Project will reflect that change. This means depending on the Task’s Project detail setup, the user might have different Detail Page layouts for different Tasks.
  1. Saving a Detail page as a Global default just means it’s there in your Default Layouts for safe keeping - it is your master global template that you could revert any Project detail page to when you so choose. Also, if you create a new Project from scratch, it will refer to all your Global Default pages when you add new pages.

Taking a look at your user’s troublesome detail page in particular, that is happening because Project “XX”'s Task detail page is set up to only show the Subject field in it’s Notes tab.

If you navigate to Project “XX” and take a look at the Task Detail page, you can add the columns you need to the Note and Version Tab, then save the page. Then your users will see that their Detail pages have the expected data. It appears as though a user with Detail Page permissions on your side made some changes, not realizing it’s effects.


THIS IS SO HELPFUL!! Thank you! It’s also a little confusing because the My Tasks page is actually built upon an ASSET detail page, not a TASK detail page. So updating the task detail page won’t have any effect. It needs to be changed on the Asset page.