Changing "Asset Type" removes tabs in asset page

Hello – I uploaded an asset to my SG project. The asset type is set to “No value” and I can see these tabs on the asset’s page:
Activity, Asset Info, Tasks, Versions, Publishes, Files, Packages

However, when I change the asset type to anything else but “No value” I am only seeing these tabs on the asset’s page:
Activity, Asset Info

I suspect some sort of template automation might be going on here - but I am unable to find where to configure this behavior.

Any hints appreciated!


Hey @Cape!

I suspect your site is configured to have unique detail pages per Asset Type. This is controlled via the Site Preferences page, Detail Page section:

When this is on you can design a different detail page for each Asset Type. If you don’t want this behavior, and would prefer every Asset has the same detail page layout you can set this value to “No.”


Ah! Perfect.
Yes, that’s it.

I was able to work “around” it a bit by overwriting the per-asset type detail page config using the ‘Global Default Layout > Revert Page to Global Default’

Thank you!