Different details page views of same entity?


Is it possible to save different detail pages for the same entity showing different fields and info?

e.g. Detail pages for Environment and Props team can have different pages showing fields and asset info which are related to their work.



Hi @Rohit,

Depending on how your looking at things I can think of two ways you could approach this.

If your concern is about showing different data sets for different types of assets we have a little known toggle in the site preferences under the Detail Pages section which allows you to configure unique detail pages per Asset type. This is specific to the Asset entity.

The other more general approach I can think of is if your concern is showing a different data set based on the user looking at the entity, not the entity itself. In this case you could set up permission groups based on the user type (members of the Environment or Props teams) and in the detail page’s Design Mode you’d create views per user type and make that view visible only to the permission group corresponding to that user type.

If each permission group only has one view visible, it’ll basically look like a different page for members of each group.

Given that a view can be a grid, thumbnail view or even a canvas, this offers a lot of flexibility for design. The downside is that some elements like the breadcrumb navigator, the activity stream or info tab can’t be recreated in non-default views.

Please let me know if any of these ideas help you move forward.


Thanks Patrick,

The first solution is more like what I am looking for since I am already using the second option and people want bit more customization on their details pages. Thanks for the help, I completely skipped that option under site preferences.