duplicate Assets detail page and shots detail page

I have a question regarding duplicating a page.
I would like to duplicate Assets detail page and shots detail page.

It seems that duplicating a page is not permissioned for even an admin account.
Does anybody know to duplicate the detail page?

My first question is why you would want a duplicate the Assets or the Shots page. Is this merely to have a different view of the same entities?

My next question. You asked how to duplicate the “details” pages, is that right? In the screenshot you provided, though, it looks like you are attempting to duplicate a List page. I just wanted to make sure which one you were attempting to duplicate.

If you want to duplicate the list view of the pages, go to the page (Shots or Assets) in your project, and from the Page Settings menu, choose “Save Page As…”

In the dialog box that appears, if you give that page a new name and click the Create Page button it will duplicate the page and title it with the new name. I hope that helps.

설명을 덧붙이자면
To add an explanation

  1. 문의드린 페이지는 Assets/Shots 페이지가 아닌
    asset name을 클릭할 때 보여지는 Detail Pages 에 대한 문의였습니다.
    아래 추가 이미지를 첨부합니다. 의문점을 해소하는데 도움이 되었으면 합니다.

  2. The image’s page is not the assets/shots list page
    This is an inquiry about Detail Pages that are displayed when clicking on an asset name.
    I attach additional images below. I hope this helps clear up your doubts.

  1. 벤더에게 보여지는 Detail Pages와 아티스트에게 보여지는 Detail Pages를 다르게 설정하고 싶습니다.
    예를들어 내부 아티스트에게는 모든 정보를 보여주지만
    벤더에게는 특정 정보(ex. Tasks, Versions 정보)만 볼 수 있도록 설정하려고 합니다.

  2. I want to set the Detail Pages shown to vendors and the Detail Pages shown to artists differently.
    For example, want to show all information to internal artists,
    but only specific information (ex.Tasks and Versions information) to vendors.

    [ overview (default) ] - Can only see artist permission, can see all information.
    [ overview vendor ] - Can only see vendor permissions

  1. Detail Page에서 알려주신 “save Page as…” 기능이 활성화 되지 않습니다ㅠ
    (1번 내용의 이미지를 참고해주세요)
    혹시 다른 방법이 있을까요…?

  2. The “save Page as…” function mentioned in Detail Page is not activated.
    (Please refer to the image in No. 1)
    Is there any other way…?

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to duplicate or save a different Detail page. Since the items in the list (assets, shots, etc) are linked to specific Detail pages, I do not think there is a way to have a different Details page open if it’s on the client side versus the internal side.

However, perhaps a better way to allow your clients to view specific information on the same details page that you only want them to see is to use field permissions. This way they can see the same page, but are limited to only the fields you allow them to see. I’m not sure that is what you are hoping for.

See this topic in the ShotGrid documentation.