Restrict user to view only a custom page

Is there a way to restrict user views to just a custom page?¡

We cant that certain user may be look into any entity displayed on a custom page, but not to se other regular pages


Hi Kuri,

Thanks for reaching out! There’s no way to do this out of the box, but you could get close to only seeing one page through some permissions trial and error. You can learn more about how to setup permissions, as well as well as what our default permissions entail, here. I suggest starting with the Vendor permission group and making a copy of it for a new permission role.

In short, permission groups allow users to see specific entities (Shots, Sequences, Assets, Version, etc), but not specific pages. Individual pages have their own permissions. You could make sure the Vendor is assigned to the project, then go into each page of the Project and disallow the Vendor group from seeing them. To make sure the user sees only the data you want them to see, use the Assume Identity feature to log in as them:

Hope this helps!