Limiting visibility of users in different Vendor Groups

Regarding permissions,

Our company uses a CustomEntity that links to a Shot. This CustomEntity has fields that can contain the UserType entity and links to multiple Shot entities.

We have a requirement where we would need to limit the visibility of groups of users (with the same role).

I see that there are SG fields on the User such as groups and sg_vendor_group. I am able to set a group in the sg_vendor_group and that does limit the User to not being able to view Shots and Tasks not associated with the group. Unfortunately I can still access the CustomEntity that contains the User fields I do not want available to the user.

Is there an easy way in ShotGrid to limit access to allow us to support multiple 3rd party vendors and ensure that they cannot access other group information?

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Since the Vendor Permissions are sort of hardcoded filters you can ask Support to edit those for you to support more custom scenarios.

I would love to see that changed so we can do it ourselves…

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